Hypnosis, endorphin and euphoria


Re: Phil Jones and PDH. PDH is otherwise known within Scientology as “Pain Drug Hypnosis.”

This is one of the go-to explanations within Scientology when one of the members or former members of Scientology is not acting like a ‘good little scientologist’ or is asking too many questions, or standing up for someone’s human rights being violated by Scientology.

The essential idea of PDH being the cause of someones not being with the Scientology program is that they MUST have somehow had their thinking altered by a hidden, invasive, psychiatric or spy agency procedure. The idea that a Scientologist could have an objection to what Scientology or Scientologists do to others is not even considered.

I don’t know where Hubbard got the idea of PDH. Essentially it is what it says, a person is hypnotized with the aid of drugs so they are unaware of what is happening to them, and as pain is applied or induced, post-hypnotic commands are given to them, under their conscious awareness, to make them do something they would not ordinarily do, or cause problems. Supposedly this treatment imposes an unconscious level of mental programming, making a person into a robot under the command of hidden operators.

Hubbard was obsessed with the idea that unknowing secret agents bent on his destruction were being ‘put in on his lines’ or infiltrated into the Scientology organization. He was paranoid that everyone was out to get him and destroy his organization.

He was so blind and abusive and delusional that some of his followers had a natural and emphatic reaction to his outrages and refused to support him. So he thought he MUST be surrounded by spies and conspirators. And the only way that could occur was if his followers were being turned against him by nefarious and coercive hidden methods. Thus: PDH.

This explanation for formerly loyal Scientologists leaving or especially turning on the organization has become a favorite. Even if completely unsupported by facts.

An otherwise loyal and dedicated Scientologist who innocently asks about something that doesn’t make sense to them, such as “Where is Shelly?” will be instantly assumed to have somehow been drugged, subjected to pain and given hypnosis and hypnotic commands to cause trouble.

I’m willing to bet that a good part of Leah’s $300k in ‘sec checks’ was trying to find out who grabbed her and programmed her to cause trouble. All out of this assumed and unsupported theory of PDH.

The funny thing is this: Auditing itself is PDH.

Think about it. One of the many reasons you decide to get auditing is to get rid of mental or physical pain. Your body hurts, or it used to and the memory of it still causes pain. Or you lost someone and you have the pain of loss and grief. Or the pain of self-doubt or fractured identity or a bad childhood. You want to get rid of the effects of that and it all comes down to pain. And in auditing, the way to relieve that pain is to relive it. You re-experience it as part of the auditing process. Lots of pain remembered and felt during an auditing process.

Auditing itself is hypnotic. It puts you into a trance state where you are essentially under the hypnotic control of the operator. Excuse me, “auditor.” There is a lot of evidence that Hubbard’s “processes” were developed out of and incorporated his knowledge and practice of hypnosis. So there is the Hypnosis part.

And now we get to the drug. The euphoria experienced in auditing. When you have relived the pain and all the circumstances of an “incident” that bothers you, you have a release, and then the euphoric ecstatic state you experience as the pain seems to disappear. The drug comes from within you, the endorphin release as your brain is flooded with mind altering chemicals, spilling out of your own cells. No needles needed.

And in this state of remembered pain, hypnotic commands and your own emotional chemicals flooding you, you are just as cleverly and thoroughly programmed FOR Scientology as some poor schlub being mind warped against it by a shadowy psychiatric doctor in a hidden basement.

There is plenty of evidence from thousands that Scientology processes themselves meet the definition of “PDH’ and very little, if any, evidence that anyone ever used or now uses it’s opposite.

When I was asking questions about Hubbard’s death, wanting to know what was actually true and what was false, those questions came from my own difficulty in making the supposed events actually fit. I have noted the questions I asked in my ‘doubt formula‘ in 2003. Those questions came from my own logical thinking and my inability to just put the contradictions out of my true believing Scientologist mind. I was trying to do my best “Scientologist” confront of things that bothered me and trying to actually resolve the conflicts. But in my last years in Scientology asking those questions resulted in being given and charged for many, many hours of sec checks, and one of the chief things they were trying to find out was: Was I PDH’d?

Funny now, not then, but hilarious to realize that I was being PDH’d all that time, by Scientology itself.

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