Gaslighting – Is a very common method to keep you down, confused and under control. You have this weird sensation, that something is wrong or out-of-place and if you ask the person you suspect, you will get a runaround and selective memories, all with the purpose to turn the blame onto yourself to the point where you think, you finally have lost it.

More Secrets of Dianetics


dianetics-hypnosis Advertisement from a 1953 Fate Magazine for “Beyond Hypnosis”

ONE of the METHODS of covert hypnotic suggestion is to describe in vivid terms something a highly emotionally charged incident. To be safe, Hubbard described several, including:  pre-frontal lobotomy, abortions using a coat hanger, and ECT electro-convulsive shock treatment.

Pretty  grisly and shocking stuff… don’t you agree?

Lurid, highly emotionally charged incidents that elicit a strong emotional response in the reader or viewer, stop your thinking.

When thinking stops the door to your subconscious is in effect left unguarded.

Whatever is said to you just after you are shown or read about such an incident – becomes to a certain degree – a direct hypnotic command to your subconscious. Whatever you are told just after the emotionally charged instance tends to act as a direct hypnotic command.

So what does Hubbard tell you after he describes the lurid incidents?

He tells…

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Changing images of man

I do not wish to seem over-dramatic but I can only conclude from the information that is available to me as Secretary-General that the Members of the United Nations have perhaps ten years left in which to subordinate their ancient quarrels and launch a global partnership to curb the arms race, to improve the human environment, to defuse the population […]