Scientology Twitter Accounts

Scientology and its Front Groups have a huge number of accounts on social media. They do this in order to promote their product and recruit new people. They also have this idea to “safepoint” social media whenever they encounter resistance or protesters. This diabolic activity leads to unethical behavior where they aggressively attack anyone who is against them or just trying to tell their story and experience with the cult. Since there are very few people in Scientology who actually try to handle this massive critique, they create the impression that they are very successful with social media and with a lot of happy Scientologists. This is an attempt to actually reveal the true numbers of their “success”.

Scientology extracted Twitter data from the Twitter API.

These files are only interesting if you like to expose why and where these followers come from and if you like to work with huge data sets. I can provide them in two formats: .csv and .json
The .csv files you can load in a spreadsheet and the .json is if you would like more detailed information, as provided by Twitter API, on each followers. See. .json example below.

Scientology The organization’s main account was created in February 2009 and is probably their first account.

@Scientology 100057 followers (2019-02-15)

@scientology-2019-02-15.csv 5.4 MB
@scientology-2019-02-15.csv.tar.gz 3 MB
@scientology-2019-02-15.json 174.8 MB
@scientology-2019-02-15.json.tar.gz 16.2 MB

Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VM) Scientology Front Group created their account on 15 January 2010

@ScientologyVM 55774 followers (2019-02-21)

@ScientologyVM-2019-02-21.csv 3.4 MB
@ScientologyVM-2019-02-21.csv.tar.gz 1.9 MB
@ScientologyVM-2019-02-21.json 99.2 MB
@ScientologyVM-2019-02-21.json.tar.gz 10.3 MB

Scientology Network is their account, created June 2014, associated with a massive investment in broadcasting their promotional videos on various platforms like Youtube, DIRECTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes & Google Play.

@ScientologyTV  26648 followers (2019-02-16)

@ScientologyTV-2019-02-16.csv 1.7 MB
@ScientologyTV-2019-02-16.csv.tar.gz 871.1 KB
@ScientologyTV-2019-02-16.json 46.4 MB
@ScientologyTV-2019-02-16.json.tar.gz 4.5 MB

STAND League Is their main Front Group account with the most Followers. This account was created in March 2015.  A major part of those followers are from overseas countries like the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

@standleague 131503 followers (2019-02-14)

@Standleague-2019-02-14.csv 7.9 MB
@Standleague-2019-02-14.csv.tar.gz 4.4 MB
@Standleague-2019-02-14.json 231.3 MB
@Standleague-2019-02-14.json.tar.gz 32.2 MB

Edward Parkin created this account in June 2017 together with 50 other accounts that were supposedly manned by Scientologists and formed a front group called Stand League. In a very short time he got 20-30.000 followers before we could even track him. We suspect that he bought those fake followers in order to get a verified blue mark from Twitter, so here are all his followers you can download and see for yourself.

@EPStandleage 58437 followers (2019-02-10)

@EPStandleague-2019-02-10.csv  3.4 MB
@EPStandleague-2019-02-10.csv.tar.gz 1.9 MB

Taryn Teutsch is one of the more bizarre Scientology accounts, created  March 2018. I have included this here as it has an unusually large number of Followers. It does not have the Twitter Verified blue mark.

@TarynTeutsch  23.860 followers (2019-02-28)

@TarynTeutsch-2019-02-28.csv 1.4 MB
@TarynTeutsch-2019-02-28.csv.tar.gz 803 KB
@TarynTeutsch-2019-02-28.json 40.5 MB
@TarynTeutsch-2019-02-28.json.tar.gz 4.2 MB



The format in json files are as follows:

“follow_request_sent”: false,
“has_extended_profile”: true,
“profile_use_background_image”: true,
“live_following”: false,
“default_profile_image”: false,
“id”: 549298999,
“profile_background_image_url_https”: “”,
“translator_type”: “none”,
“verified”: false,
“blocked_by”: false,
“muting”: false,
“profile_image_url_https”: “”,
“profile_sidebar_fill_color”: “DDEEF6”,
“profile_text_color”: “333333”,
“followers_count”: 1872,
“profile_sidebar_border_color”: “C0DEED”,
“id_str”: “549298999”,
“profile_background_color”: “C0DEED”,
“listed_count”: 2,
“is_translation_enabled”: false,
“utc_offset”: null,
“statuses_count”: 4589,
“description”: “There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me… lover of books, culture and my hubby, no tolerance for fake celebrity activism.”,
“friends_count”: 3229,
“location”: “on the astral plane”,
“profile_link_color”: “1DA1F2”,
“profile_image_url”: “”,
“following”: false,
“geo_enabled”: true,
“profile_banner_url”: “”,
“blocking”: false,
“profile_background_image_url”: “”,
“name”: “Morningstar \u270c”,
“lang”: “en”,
“profile_background_tile”: false,
“favourites_count”: 12009,
“screen_name”: “Anne_Marie1974”,
“notifications”: false,
“url”: null,
“created_at”: “Mon Apr 09 15:06:37 +0000 2012”,
“contributors_enabled”: false,
“time_zone”: null,
“protected”: false,
“default_profile”: true,
“is_translator”: false

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